Eco-Sol Max Ink

ECO-SOL MAX is our most popular ink for indoor and outdoor use. 



Our best-selling ink

ECO-SOL MAX is our most popular ink for indoor and outdoor use. Over the years, this eco-solvent ink has proven to be very easy to use and provide extreme printing stability. ECO-SOL MAX was also awarded several awards, including EDP, DPI and Viscom Awards.

White and silver metallic

ECO-SOL MAX is available in eight colours, including white and metallic silver. White produces beautiful effects on dark or transparent printing materials. White can also be used to print a base layer over which the other colours are highlighted for full effect. The metallic silver ink has a very beautiful shine and is used in combination with other colours to print gold, bronze, copper and a series of other metallic colours.

Incredibly easy to use

ECO-SOL MAX is a mild solvent paint that is practically odourless. To use it, you do not need to install a ventilation system, which means it can be used in an office environment or in a workplace. The ink is supplied in practical 220 or 440 ml cartridges that you simply place in the printer. The built-in chip guarantees receipt of a notification when the cartridge is almost empty.

Impressive quality

ECO-SOL MAX is available in a wide range of colors, is extremely stable and dries quickly. The density of this ink is very good, which means that ink consumption is limited. The paint is stable for three years * without laminate when used outdoors. Gradations and the tiniest details are printed beautifully, even at high speeds. In addition, with this ink you can print a wide range of coated and uncoated materials.


ESL3-4MG: Magenta, 440cc
ESL3-4YE: Yellow, 440cc
ESL3-4CY: Cyan, 440cc
ESL3-4BK: Black, 440cc
ESL3-4LC: Light Cyan, 440cc
ESL3-4LM: Light magenta, 440cc
ESL3-MG: Magenta, 220cc
ESL3-YE: Yellow, 220cc
ESL3-CY: Cyan, 220cc
ESL3-BK: Black, 220cc
ESL3-LC: Light Cyan, 220cc
ESL3-LM: Light magenta, 220cc
ESL3-MT: Silver metallic, 220cc
ESL3-WH: Withe, 220cc