Eco-Sol Max3 Ink

This new ink can be used on all current models of eco-solvent Roland printers, printers / cutters and also on older models. 



The new generation of Roland ink

Shorter drying times, longer cartridges, a lower price per cc of ink and an improved overall performance are just some of the reasons for upgrading to ECO-SOL MAX 3. The new ink can be used on all current models of Roland eco-solvent printers, printers / cutters and also most older models.

GREENGUARD Gold certification

ECO-SOL MAX 3 offers peace of mind with the GREENGUARD Gold Certification, with the confidence that the paint corresponds to one of the most rigorous and respected certificates, which validates the low emission of organic volatile components (VOCs) to the air in spaces interior. Safe to use without special ventilation or environmental control equipment, GREENGUARD Gold paint certification also includes safety factors that ensure that the product is accepted in sensitive environments such as schools and hospitals.

Larger Cartridges meet production needs

ECO-SOL MAX 3 ink is available in CMYK, Lc, Lm and Lk and can be combined with ECO-SOL MAX 2 white and metallic (for machines using these colours). With a 500cc package, ECO-SOL MAX 3 was designed to meet the needs of those customers with busy production centres. 220cc cartridges are also available for customers with a lower production volume *.*.

* 500cc cartridges are available in CMYK, Lc, Lm and Lk. 200cc cartridges are available in CMYK.

Impressive quality

ECO-SOL MAX 3 has an extremely wide colour range that allows you to recreate rich, vibrant and solid colours, which look impressive when seen from close up or when we see them from a greater distance. Light black ink improves the reproduction of grey scales, and the stability of skin tones or natural colours. Printing even the finest details with enormous beauty, ECO-SOL MAX 3 will delight even the most demanding customers.

Quick Dry increases productivity

ECO-SOL MAX 3 ink dries faster. Working perfectly with a large number of substrates, your prints can be processed as soon as they are produced by the machine. When used in conjunction with the reel, the ECO-SOL MAX 3 allows you to achieve long, unattended productions, even in fast printing mode.

High durability and scratch resistance

Ideal for outdoor or indoor use, this robust, scratch-resistant paint can withstand up to 3 years without lamination * in an outdoor environment. ECO-SOL MAX 3 is also ideal for the production of jobs that require finishing techniques, offering high scraping resistance when subjected to the most common finishing processes, including welding, stitching and eyelet application.

* The service life for outdoor use is based on rapid acceleration tests of environmental simulation. Results may vary depending on geographic location and application. Lamination is necessary for some applications and weather conditions.

Save up to an additional 10% on ink **

ECO-SOL MAX 3 is bigger, more effective and has a lower price per cc of paint.

* The 10% savings on ink was analyzed following the ISO N5A standard and using vinyl and generic printing profiles on different Roland printers. The exam took place between January and April at the Roland DG Central Europe Testing Center. Thanks to the improved chemical composition of the inks, there is a change in the color range and, depending on its use, new printing profiles may be required. The new generic profiles are available at

A huge choice of materials

ECO-SOL MAX 3 can print on a huge variety of coated and uncoated materials, allowing you to achieve enormous versatility in terms of printing materials. Regardless of printing paper, vinyl, canvas, canvas, coated textiles, textile transfer or more, ECO-SOL MAX 3 offers a quality result.

A performance upgrade for current customers

ECO-SOL MAX 3 is supplied with all Roland DG eco-solvent machines currently sold, and is available to our most loyal existing customers as a performance upgrade. This iconic eco-solvent ink technology was designed to improve the performance of Roland VersaSTUDIO, VersaCAMM, VersaEXPRESS, SOLJET printers and printers / cutters.

Free Download of Print Profiles

You have access to more than 1,000 media profiles for ECO-SOL MAX 3 via the Roland Profile Center. Finding, downloading, importing and converting a profile just takes a few clicks.

Conversion to ECO-SOL MAX3