Eco-Sol Max2 Ink

It is the latest generation of award-winning eco-solvent ink from Roland DG. The ink presents a good performance in all relevant aspects: exterior durability, scratch resistance, chemical resistance and color range. 



The latest eco-solvent ink

ECO-SOL MAX2 received an EDP Award for Best New Generation Solvent Ink Technology. It is the latest generation of Roland DG's award-winning eco-solvent ink. The paint performs well in all relevant aspects: exterior durability, scratch resistance, chemical resistance and color range. In addition, the ink is compatible with the widest range of media on the market. Thanks to its new composition, the ink is able to create even sharper images. In addition, ECO-SOL MAX2 is completely nickel-free.

Light black makes the difference

ECO-SOL MAX2 is available in a new ink color: light black. This ensures uniform gray scale gradations. This also improves the stability of skin tones and other natural shades. In this way, every detail of an image is beautifully reflected in all your posters, backlit displays, bumper stickers and more.

Even better white and metallic silver

With metallic silver, you can create more than 500 metallic colors. The new generation of metallized paint contains more reflective pigments, providing more bright colors. The composition of the white paint has also been changed. The opacity is significantly higher, which greatly improves the brightness of text and images.

Incredibly easy to use

ECO-SOL MAX2 is a mild solvent paint that is practically odourless. To use it, you do not need to install a ventilation system, which means it can be used in an office environment or in a workplace. The ink is supplied in practical 440 ml cartridges that you simply put in the printer (white and metallic ink come in 220 ml cartridges). The built-in chip ensures that you receive a notification when the cartridge is almost empty.

Impressive quality

ECO-SOL MAX2 is available in a wide range of colours, is extremely stable and dries quickly. The density of this ink is very good, which means that ink consumption is limited. The ink remains fixed for three years * when used outdoors without laminate. Gradations and the smallest detail are wonderfully printed, even at high speeds. Plus, with this ink, you can print a wide range of coated and uncoated materials.* The durability for outdoor use is based on tests of accelerated weather conditions. Results may vary depending on location and application. Lamination is necessary for some applications and weather conditions.

* A vida útil para utilização no exterior é baseada em testes de condições meteorológicas aceleradas. Os resultados podem variar, dependendo da localização e da aplicação. A laminação é necessária para algumas aplicações e condições meteorológicas.


ESL4-4CY: Cyan, 440cc
ESL4-4MG: Magenta, 440cc
ESL4-4YE: Yellow, 440cc
ESL4-4BK: Black, 440cc
ESL4-4LC: Light Cyan, 440cc
ESL4-4LM: Light Magente, 440cc
ESL4-4LK: Light Black, 440cc
ESL4-MT: Silver Metallic, 220cc
ESL4-WH: Withe, 220cc