Special Conditions of sales

  • All the general sales conditions are applied;
  • All the products on sale on this site are subject to the minimum quantities mentioned as well as to prompt payment (in case of carrier shipping they will be subject to shipping charges) or to prepayment

General conditions of sale

  • All orders must be confirmed by the customer by email;
  • In the first order, the customer will have to fill out the customer form, provided by Euninos and which will have to be returned fully completed
  • • Orders with a value of less than € 150.00 (VAT included) must be paid promptly
  • The products will be invoiced on the date of their dispatch and the respective invoice must be settled within the period agreed by both parties;
  • • Failure to meet the deadline provided for in the previous paragraph entails the payment of interest at the legal rate in force on the amount due, from the date of its maturity to its actual payment;
  • We reserve the right to suspend the delivery of orders until pending situations are settled
  • Shipping costs are supported by the customer
  • Returns will be accepted in case of shipping errors or damaged or defective items, except when the damage is caused by misuse or poor handling. In this case, the customer will have to address a complaint on our WEB page in the assistance tab, Technical Support
  • Payment methods are in cash, check or bank transfer, to the NIB shown on the respective invoice;
  • In the case of prompt payment, post-dated checks are not accepted