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Euninos, as a commercial brand, started up in1991. At that time, it was registered under a personal name, but in 2006 it became Euninos, Lda.

Since the beginning of its activity which dates back to more than 25 years ago, Euninos is proud to be the pioneer in Portugal in the area of sublimation, having introduced in the market a new concept that revolutionised the sports are ( cycling, football equipment, among others) merchandising (flags, scarves…) and, very recently, we also invested in the clothing area.

Euninos has been introducing and commercialising equipment and goods in the textile area. We have always been concerned about getting up to date and we are always looking for innovation to make the national textile sector more competitive.

As a result of all these years of research and of a wider knowledge, Euninos provides all its experience to its customers in order to help them be part of Euninos family.